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Let me ask you, did you ever:

  • Walk into a room with your girlfriends and all eyes were on them, but you felt invisible?

  • Move to a new town, school, or job, and have to start from scratch making friends and establishing who you are?

  • Lose your personality after being defined as a couple for so long?

  • Lack a mother figure, sister, or long term female friends?

  • Get disappointed in yourself by what you said in a social situation or what you say in the mirror?

If you identify with any of the above

I see you, and it happens all the time.

The one thing that makes a difference is whether you do something to change it or not.

This is why I want you to join the one of a kind club for one of a kind babes...

how to be attractive
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What is an It Girl?

According to Wikipedia, an "It Girl" is an attractive young woman, who is perceived to have both sex appeal and a personality that is especially engaging.

It Girl School is the modern woman's guide to etiquette and becoming polished in all things social, professional, and personal.

You access the tools to empower yourself for your new high quality life.

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Imagine a life where

When you walk in the room, everyone turns their head.

People maintain their gaze on you, even after you are done talking, and someone else has started.

You look up to find a person avert their eyes to hide the fact that they were staring and wondering about you.

After parties, your girls text you asking what you're doing different and how they can do the same.

This is your new way of life.

Everyone is going to be obsessed with you.

Including your new self.

Get used to it.

how to be hot

I'm Gia!

If it feels a bit like I am reading your mind right now and looking you up and down, it's because I was you.

For years I've been teaching women to negotiate.

First rule of business:


how to be attractive

All my life I was fed masculine, unproductive ways to be.

I started to notice leaning into my natural femininity was when I felt my best.

how to glow up overnight

As a certified etiquette and image consultant, I walk you through all the ways to:

  • Stand out

  • Make a lasting impression

  • Be the hottest version of yourself always.

Live Boldly

Outside the lines you created for yourself.

You already got the latest 'fit from that trendy boutique.

Now it's just a matter of establishing the vibe and polishing it.

You were born unique.

Let that sink in.

You were literally born extraordinary.

Why are you trying to fit in?

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how to be pretty

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You get lifetime access including all future updates, because growth is an endless journey!

How often should I come back to It Girl School?

You can do a seasonal refresh, or monthly check to make sure you're on track with your goals.

Do you do refunds?

No way, rosé. art of being an It Girl is owning your value, and you best believe I’m owning mine. I only teach strategies that work. End of story. 

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